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Eliminating the cable in feeding delay loudspeakers with the AiRocks Pro system

Now, two choices for outdoor wireless pro-audio.

ARX-900 ARX-910

For Mobile Sound Production

The NEW ARX-910
For Permanent Installations
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Note: The AiRocks Pro system is currently certified for use only in the USA and Canada.

The AiRocks Pro is now available in two versions.

ARX-900 for Mobile Sound Production Events

The ARX-900 is designed for Mobile Sound Production companies to be used in concerts, festivals, parades, air shows, sporting events, and any other outdoor (or indoor) event that requires a temporary installation. Its long list of pro-audio features, such as standard XLR input/output connectors, 500 msec variable delay (per hop), Neutrik AC power input, 2-channel stereo operation, and road-ready, weather-resistant aluminum chassis, makes it the perfect choice for the mobile audio production engineer.

CLICK HERE for more details on the ARX-900.
CLICK HERE to download the ARX-900 datasheet.

ARX-910 for Installed Sound Applications

The NEW ARX-910 is designed for Permanent Installations (Installed Sound) which require constant, prolonged exposure to the elements such as downtown districts, zoos or parks, outdoor arenas, or a large campus. The ARX-910 comes in the same rugged cast aluminum chassis as the ARX-900, but does not have front panel controls and is fully weather proof. The same "repeater" architecture and performance are designed into the ARX-910, and the ARX-910 can utilize the same, powerful USB-connected network management system as the ARX-900.

CLICK HERE for more details on the ARX-910.
CLICK HERE to download the ARX-910 datasheet.

"Multi-hop" Repeater

Multi-Hop Audio

AiRocks Pro is a "multi-hop" wireless audio system designed for large venues. Based on its novel “repeater” technology, AiRocks Pro can dramatically extend the coverage area compared to traditional wireless audio products (see Technology page for more details). Every AiRocks Pro unit can be configured as either the main transmitter (Master) or receiver (Relay).There is nothing else like it on the market.




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