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Introducing AiRocks Pro

The world's first "Multi-Hop" Wireless Audio System for the Pro-Audio market

AiRocks Pro is a revolutionary new digital wireless audio system designed to provide significantly extended coverage and ultra-reliable audio distribution for pro-audio sound reinforcement applications.

Multi-Hop Audio

AiRocks Pro is a "multi-hop" wireless audio system designed for large indoor or outdoor venues and is used to distribute analog audio from a main mixer board to multiple powered speakers distributed over a wide area. Based on its novel “repeater” technology, AiRocks Pro can go around obstacles, such as buildings, trees, or other obstructions, or to dramatically extend the coverage area compared to traditional wireless audio products. There is nothing else like it on the market.


The AiRocks Pro Wireless Audio Repeater

AiRocks Pro is the world’s first digital wireless audio “repeater”. Each AiRocks Pro unit includes BOTH a transmitter AND a receiver operating simultaneously in the same unit. A signal that is received by an AiRocks Pro unit is immediately re-transmitted on a different frequency to other AiRocks Pro units that are within its transmission range. When AiRocks Pro units are positioned in a “line” (linear fashion) they form what is called a “multi-hop” wireless audio network. The range of this type of network is theoretically “un-limited”, however, practical considerations (such as path obstructions and interference) can limit the actual size of the achievable coverage area.

Traditional Wireless Audio

Traditional wireless audio equipment consists of a single “transmitter” and a single “receiver” which send analog audio from point A to point B. This type of network is called a “point-to-point” network. Most wireless microphones, wireless in-ear devices, and wireless instrument equipment are point-to-point products.

Some newer wireless audio products have the ability to send a signal from a single transmitter to multiple receivers. This type of network is called “point-to-multipoint” and can be effective if all receivers are within the transmission range of the transmitter. However, since the FCC limits the amount of power that each transmitter can radiate, the effective range of this type of system is somewhat limited.

Also, some of these newer devices include what are called “transceivers”. However, unlike the AiRocks Pro, these devices give a single unit the ability to be manually configured as EITHER a transmitter OR receiver, but not both simultaneously, thus limiting their range and coverage.

Built like a tank, ready for the road

The AiRocks Pro comes in a sturdy, weather-resistant aluminum enclosure that is built to withstand the harsh life on the road. Gone are the days of panic when a rain shower arrives during an event and your wireless equipment is exposed to the elements. The AiRocks Pro is designed withstand heavy rain, baking sun, and frigid cold while continuing to provide excellent quality audio and rock-solid coverage.


Feature Rich

The AiRocks Pro includes all of the features that pro-audio engineers demand:

  • Balanced, line-level XLR audio input and output.
  • Rugged, cast aluminum weather resistant enclosure.
  • AC powered with professional PowerCon AC input connector.
  • Front panel LCD display and keypad for configuration and monitoring.
  • Powerful and extensive Network Management System PC-based application.
  • Flexible installation alternatives including 100' remote mounting option.



AirNetix, LLC is an Atlanta, Georgia based limited liability company focused on the design and development of digital wireless audio products for the professional audio market. Our designs are cutting edge using the most innovative and sophisticated techniques to achieve pristine-quality, ultra-reliable wireless pro-audio.


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